Happy 40th Friction Fiction

Lots of poems with wordplay in them in this 40th edition of the music and poetry podcast show. I spent half the day recording it and the other half packing to get away for a few weeks. The music is great. I found Bombero’s song Andinfinity sitting doing nothing on ccmixter, and then I enlisted help from all the other musicians, looking out for their songs that fitted the theme. J Marinelli, Christopher David at Myspace all have exciting new songs which I didn’t have time to download.

The fourth series has more of an edge to it now I read my own poetry. Plastic Dave noticed that things had changed. I thought I wasn’t really progressing, but after Dave’s comment, I noticed while recording that I do things differently in this series.

Enjoy this show. There will be a gap of a few weeks before the next one. I want to catch up when I get back on other podcasts, Slam Idol, and Cloudy Day.