Simon Cowell Headlines Ripe for Spoof

Aahhhh, that’s the life. This is me looking pale in Sardinia last year, and that will be me in Cornwall next week.

The 1500 word synopsis is going well but not exactly flying off the screen. I just don’t have the motivation. After staring at the sky, I saw a Simon Cowell headline in The Sun. The argument seemed so to be about nothing and devised to create a headline about nothing. So I had to write and record a Hold It Up For Ridicule spoof. I loved the titles of the programmes pitched against each other in the ratings war.

I went back to look at my Digg and Reddit accounts. No Diggs, No Reddits on Friction Ficton from ages ago. So I started Digging and Redditing. What a joke. I messed up by submitting the URL for my Digital UK spoof, and giving the description for Pete Doherty. So I buried it thinking I could correct it. Wrong. It’s still there, buried with the wrong description. In the time it was available, it got two Diggs, one wise guy saying “No it isn’t” to the description. I now wish I hadn’t buried it, as I can’t unbury it. So, I took the Digg and Reddit buttons and started posting them all over the blog instead. I’m going to put some on this blog next. What a chore. Bye for now, xxx

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