A song, a spoof, and FF40

That’s me looking intellectual before shorter hair and serious glasses playing a travel guitar on holiday somewhere, it looks like a Landmark Trust house.

Today, I recorded Friction Fiction 39. I realised FF40 will coincide with going away, so I’ll have to get it recorded earlier next week. I decided not to read out my Nightmare Poet poem on FF. I want to rewrite it without the Seung Cho reference because it will be more interesting that way.

I just posted a spoof to Hold It Up For Ridicule. I became amused by Digit Al, the pathetic robot that appears on TV every five minutes next to an old bag knitting while the BBC’s patronising output gets switched off in front of her. The government quite rightly calculated that they don’t need the votes of old Tories who don’t pay licence fees anyway, so they’re going to switch off their “sets” after the next election. It’s over two years since the analogue signal in Reading effectively disappeared one Christmas. Since then, we bought and destroyed a Freeview box. Now, it’s all Murdoch here.

I recorded the new song I’ve been messing with, although I haven’t updated my songwriting podcast, The Riff, yet. I wanted the max acoustic noise, so I put both mike and guitar output into the Toneport and then sang over it. It needed very accurate playing to a click track. It’s a nice effect, but something’s not quite right. I can add harmonics though. The set up worked once, then never again. Rick on Myspace assured me it would work. Anyway, the song is called Looking Back, and it’s as offbeat as anything I’ve done. I’ll post it next week.