Cho Seung-Hui, The Nightmare Poet

“His work was so nightmarish that, after he recited his poetry, just seven out of 70 students attended the next lecture.” – The Sun 19/4/2007

I rue the day I went to hear

Sueng Cho the nightmare poet.

His work was so nightmarish

No nightmare could compare.

His subject matter

Was not to my taste,

It was not my cup of tea.

In future, I would rather have my fingernails

Pulled than listen to Sueng Cho,

Sueng Cho the nightmare poet.


We laughed our way home.

How Seung Cho kept away from us.

He was a loner, a loser, a strange one that one.

Nothing he could do

Would make me want to hear

Sueng Cho the nightmare poet,



I told him, why don’t you do something

And then I will take you seriously?

Today, the class is quieter than ever.

I wonder whether Sueng Cho is coming

To read more of his dreadful verse.