Pete Doherty Satirical Podcast

I wrote and produced a satirical podcast this morning and posted it on Hold It Up For Ridicule, see My Satire above. I’d been thinking about the careful rock romantic image created for Pete Doherty by the music biz, and I wanted a different angle on the usual miserable treatment Doherty gets in the media. At the moment, it’s unthinkable that as Doherty grows older, the media will push that bohemian image into dangerously safe David Essex territory, but I can see it happening already. As ever, I have to say, this is not an attack on Doherty. I’m holding up the people who make the news for the ridicule they deserve, which is the definition of satire.

Caroline rang to say the VT killer, Cho Seung-Hui, was on a creative writing course. This proved to be not quite true, although he did do scary creative writing. Sadly, his last bit of writing conveyed his thoughts in the clearest, most attention-grabbing language you’re ever likely to see, and no one at VT is laughing at his writing now.

I’m still building my blogroll. Hello to Marissa who sent a great comment on my Friction Fiction Podcast Show on Myspace.