Up Late and No Time

Me, Pete and Terry, 3/4 of Beatlejuice on 2005 looking strange singing harmonies on Nowhere Man in Rick’s studio Reading. You can see we’re dead ringer for John, Paul, and George. Happy days.

I woke up late due to some kind of sleep inducing lurg kicking in, and now it seems the day has gone. Well I never had a plan anyway other than dragging myself up the hill to the gym.

I added Wes and Gethan to my blogroll. Please take a look.

And as I was emailing Wes, I wondered whether many people knew about Google Adsense. Some people don’t like it because they can’t control the content of ads that appears on their website which is a good reason not to use it. However, it’s the only ad I know that gives dollars per clicks. Amazon and Linkshare only give dollars for sales. I’m not to allowed to click it myself, as Google police can find out. But give it a click. It’s the kind of exposure Google and the advertisers would want.