Busy Writing a Long Satirical Piece

It’s probably a parody because at the moment there’s no way of knowing it’s not the real thing. I have time yet to add a satirical element, but at the moment I like the fact that it’s pretty real. I picked up some material from three places, and I’m working it into a long political piece for Hold It Up For Ridicule. I started it yesterday evening, and had lots of attempts before a real idea set in. I had many interruptions. People wanted to look round the house which is for sale, and Microsoft’s Automatic Security Update has left the PC hanging for five minutes after restarts. I posted to a few Support forums. The Microsoft forum has a some discontented people with problems caused by updates, all far worse than my lapyy’s problem.
Anyway, back to work. I wanted to spend time on a longer piece because I did so many short, fairly ordinary pieces, so why not go for a seven pager for a change.

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