The Centre of Attention

How do I start a blog about the things I do? Maybe, “Hi, I’m a writer…” Maybe not. The header has links to my satire, and fiction, plus some up-to-date photos, and reviews. This is my new central web site in the form of a blog, and a podcast. You will be able to listen to my podcast shows Friction Fiction and The Riff here. I’m writing fiction, podcasting, singing, songwriting and writing poetry all in different places. This is the first time I’ve tried to pull all my fans together on one site, So that’s me, Ian D Smith, or Ian Duncan Smith, which is a mildly amusing name to UK citizens because it’s the same name as the failed ex-leader of the Conservative Party, Iain Duncan Smith, who went out in a blaze of apathy with a terrible speech, “The quiet man just turned up the volume.” Maybe I could change my name to avoid any comparison. But that’s politics. I have three Myspace sites Friction Fiction for the podcast show, The Hexyl Circle and Shedworks for my songs. I blog my Novel at Blogster, and I send out two podcast shows at Libsyn, Friction Fiction, indie Myspace music, and songwriting The Riff. My poetry collection, What You Will See, is available at Gatto Publising. Please look around. I’m writing a second novel, so I’ll be talking about that here. I’m writing songs, so I’ll be publishing those here too. What else? Well, wait and see.

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